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Chapter 3: My Orion’s Belt

      I’m sure people have their own different memories about a person. But it’s rare to have some relevance of a memory to someone about the stars. This was one of those rare moments…

As I’m driving in my car every night to head on home I can’t wait to look up at the stars. Why? Because every time I step out of the car and stare up, there it is..there HE is… Orion’s belt. My eyes are always drawn to it. I have it glued into my head that it’s fate. I must be crazy.

The perfect copy of Orion’s Belt is forever on his upper right arm.

Birth Marks.

     I could connect those birth marks and it’s exactly like Orion’s belt’s alignment.  My finger would trace over it every time we cuddled in bed after a long day. Each one a different shade of brown.

No one has or no one will ever be able to call him My Orion’s Belt. It was my thing…our thing. One of a kind. That exact moment I looked at him after I examined what his birth mark looked like, and said “You’re my Orion’s Belt”, that moment was mine. He cocked his head to the side in confusion. Down the road confusion disappeared and a smile took over.

When I think about the stars. I think about that belt. How my eyes and it meet each other…every time. Sometimes tears will greet my cheeks. Other times, a sly smile will sweet across my lips. But then I get reminded…

                                                           …that’s not my Orion’s Belt anymore…


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